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Freeview Light on the Dallington Park (Northamptonshire, England) transmitter

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sa_gmapsGoogle mapsa_bingBing mapsa_gearthGoogle Earthsa_gps52.244,-0.915 or 52°14'38"N 0°54'53"Wsa_postcodeNN5 7BF

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The symbol shows the location of the Dallington Park (Northamptonshire, England) transmitter which serves 16,000 homes. The bright green areas shown where the signal from this transmitter is strong, dark green areas are poorer signals. Those parts shown in yellow may have interference on the same frequency from other masts.

This transmitter has no current reported problems

The BBC and Digital UK report there are no faults or engineering work on the Dallington Park (Northamptonshire, England) transmitter.

Choose from three options: ■ List by multiplex ■ List by channel number ■ List by channel name

Which Freeview channels does the Dallington Park transmitter broadcast?

If you have any kind of Freeview fault, follow this Freeview reset procedure first.

Digital television services are broadcast on a multiplexes (or Mux) where many stations occupy a single broadcast frequency, as shown below.

 V max
C50 (706.0MHz)106mDTG-340W
Channel icons
1 BBC One Cambridge, 2 BBC Two England, 9 BBC Four, 201 CBBC, 202 CBeebies, 231 BBC News, 232 BBC Parliament, 601 BBC RB 1, plus 17 others

 V max
C59 (778.0MHz)106mDTG-340W
Channel icons
3 ITV (Anglia (West micro region)), 4 Channel 4 South ads, 5 Channel 5, 6 ITV 2, 13 Channel 4 +1 South ads, 14 More4, 15 Film4, 24 ITV4, 24 ITV4 +1, 28 E4, 33 ITV +1 (Anglia east),

 V max
C55 (746.0MHz)106mDTG-640W
Channel icons
45 Film4 +1, 101 BBC One HD (England no regional news), 102 BBC Two HD (England), 103 ITV HD (ITV Meridian Southampton), 104 Channel 4 HD South ads, 105 Channel 5 HD, 204 CBBC HD,

DTG-3 64QAM 8K 2/3 24.1Mb/s DVB-T MPEG2
DTG-6 256QAM 32KE 2/3 40.2Mb/s DVB-T2 MPEG4
H/V: aerial position (horizontal or vertical)

Are you trying to watch these 0 Freeview channels?

The Dallington Park (Northamptonshire, England) mast is a public service broadcasting (PSB) transmitter, it does not provide these commercial (COM) channels: .

If you want to watch these channels, your aerial must point to one of the 80 Full service Freeview transmitters. For more information see the will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters? page.

Which BBC and ITV regional news can I watch from the Dallington Park transmitter?

regional news image
BBC Look East (West) 1.0m homes 3.7%
from Cambridge CB4 0WZ, 73km east
to BBC Cambridge region - 4 masts.
70% of BBC East (East) and BBC East (West) is shared output
regional news image
ITV Anglia News 1.0m homes 3.7%
from Norwich NR1 3JG, 156km east-northeast
to ITV Anglia (West) region - 5 masts.
All of lunch, weekend and 80% evening news is shared with Anglia (East)

How will the Dallington Park (Northamptonshire, England) transmission frequencies change over time?

years1984-971997-981998-20112011-132013-182013-1730th Jun 2018-
aerial groupC/D EC/D EC/D EC/D EC/D EC/D EA B C/D E K VHF

orange background for multiplexes names more
green background for transmission frequencies
lilac background for power levels in watts
800MHz band: 4G mobile started in 2013
700MHz band: 4G from 30 June 2020more
600MHz band: new or moved digital TV services more
Notes: + and - denote 166kHz offset; aerial group are shown as A B C/D E K W
Italics for analogue, digital switchover was Wednesdays 30th March and 13th April 2011.

How do the old analogue and currrent digital signal levels compare?

Analogue 1-4 65W
BBCA, D3+4, BBCB(-2.1dB) 40W

Which companies have run the Channel 3 services in the Sandy Heath transmitter area

Oct 1959-Feb 2004Anglia Television
Feb 2004-Dec 2014ITV plc
Feb 1983-Dec 1992TV-am•
Jan 1993-Sep 2010GMTV•
Sep 2010-Dec 2014ITV Daybreak•
• Breakfast ◊ Weekends ♦ Friday night and weekends † Weekdays only. Dallington Park was not an original Channel 3 VHF 405-line mast: the historical information shown is the details of the company responsible for the transmitter when it began transmitting Channel 3.

Friday, 3 February 2017
Transmitter engineering
4:32 AM

DALLINGTON PARK transmitter - Freeview: BBC Digital TV Off Air from 13:50 yesterday to 14:02 yesterday, HD Digital TV Off Air from 14:20 yesterday to 14:31 yesterday. [BBC]

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Transmitter engineering's 95,623 posts Owner Owner xx
Saturday, 4 February 2017
Transmitter engineering
4:31 AM

DALLINGTON PARK transmitter - Freeview: BBC Digital TV Off Air from 13:50 on 02 Feb to 14:02 on 02 Feb, HD Digital TV Off Air from 14:20 on 02 Feb to 14:31 on 02 Feb. [BBC]

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Transmitter engineering's 95,623 posts Owner Owner xx
Saturday, 1 July 2017
terry mason
9:00 AM

Hi I have an old aerial which faces Birmingham, and I get all the Midland tv. programs.
On channel 800/1 I get Anglia and 803 BBC Look east that's if the wind is in the right direction so to speak, I'm guessing it's picking up signals from you, the signal is not always constant.
My next question is, TV freeview play, when I type this in it says you are my nearest transmitter, now am I going to waste my time and money? I live in Kingsley so I am bordering on your transmissions or am I?
And do you know anything about these TV Fox aerials? Amazon sells them.

Regards T.Mason

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terry mason's 2 posts GB
11:05 AM

Terry Mason:

Firstly, this website does not provide any transmissions as it is an entirely independent service to help resolve recaption problems.

As for you real question, we need a full post code of you location, a partial is not accurate enough.

As for the 'TV Fox Aerial' if it is intended for use indoors, such as shown at Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Sports Equipment & more their reception is very unreliable at best and of no use unless you are close to the local transmitter, usually within 5 miles of a main transmitter like Sutton Coldfield - but even then they are highly variable. People in the rooms nearby, even next door, affect their reception. You are far netter having a proper aerial on the outside of your property, mounted properly and clear of any obstructions.

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MikeP's 1,809 posts Gold Gold GB
11:06 AM Peterborough

terry mason: OK, you need to unpick those different things.

Your aerial sounds like its doing the job, and your getting (West?) Midlands programmes. Fine. But your tuner is also picking up BBC1 from Sandy Heath, etc. Thats ok, and when the tuner has two channels the same , it puts the weaker or alternative one in the 800's. But since a lot of the time its much weaker, it could be that it doesn't always show up very well. In the case of my PVR, I had to try to had those 800's, because it would confuse the timer.

Freeview Play works in very much the same way as Youview or Freetime (which is used on Humax sat. boxes) - all are accessed from the internet, not your aerial. However, I assume that you do need at least an OK signal, because they work by you using your EPG to find that particular channel/programme, and there might be regional variations, so asking for a particular transmitter makes sense. Having just gone to the website, the reason for asking for a postcode makes perfect sense - its Freeview, so they want to find out what channels you can actually get from your aerial. If your on a light transmitter only, your obviously get far fewer channels. If you put your postcode into this site, it will bring up for us your location, best chance of a full service, etc.

To get Freeview Play (which will probably eventually be the de facto standard, since its run by Freeview itself), you'll need it either in a newish TV (Panasonic and now LG), or in a recorder, such as Humax or panasonic. The recorder is a cost effective route - you'll get 3 HD tuners, wifi built in, Freeview play, and its of course a recorder/hd box. About 179-229 is what you should be paying from those two good brands (I have to replace my PVR, and I'll be getting one of those two).

I have no idea what a 'Fox Tv aerial' is, but if its an indoor aerial, your wasting your time and money - and you have a working outdoor aerial anyway, which is far better. Tell us what channels you get (do you get more than the ones listed for Dallington Park? If so, your on a different transmitter), and then we can advise you better.

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MikeB's 2,430 posts Platinum Platinum GB
MikeB's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
Friday, 29 December 2017
Terry Palmiero
2:38 PM

I have no signal and even purchased an indoor aerial which doesn't seem to work either. TV has been working fine then this morning we had no signal. Have tried pulling out all the cables and plugs and leaving for a while before plugging in again. We only have freeview.

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Terry Palmiero's 1 post GB
2:54 PM

Terry Palmiero:
Firstly, we need a postcode to work out where you are in relation to the transmitter, and which one you are supposed to get.

Next - if your not getting a signal, check why. Most likely problem is that you have a loose connection or broken cable somewhere - your signal comes via the aerial by a cable only 6mm wide, and is subject to the weather continually battering it.

Pulling out the cables and leaving them wont make any difference - and neither will retuning, it will just make things worse. As for portable aerials, they are generally not very good.

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MikeB's 2,430 posts Platinum Platinum GB
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